to safe place

Software engineer, musician, composer, sound-designer
Origin: Russian Federation
Education: Saratov State University 2014, Forensics

Inspiration: Trent Reznor, Richard D. James, Robert Fripp, Josh Homme, Ernest Hemingway, Stephen Hawking, David Fincher, Miles Davis

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Music release [Single, 2015]
Release Date:
February 23rd, 2015
Bonzai Elemental
The Original Mix of Host intros with a beautiful melancholic sequence as deep bass notes lurk in the background. The track bursts into life with an unexpected Drum and Bass rhythm section complete with crispy hats and syncopated kicks underneath a superbly arranged snare. Above the melancholy a much sweeter, melodic flavour can be found among the sweeping pads and the smoothly plucked electric guitar. Perfect fodder for a warm evening by the fire.