to safe place

Software engineer, musician, composer, sound-designer
Origin: Russian Federation
Education: Saratov State University 2014, Forensics

Inspiration: Trent Reznor, Richard D. James, Robert Fripp, Josh Homme, Ernest Hemingway, Stephen Hawking, David Fincher, Miles Davis

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Software [Web-app, 2018]
Release Date:
November 2nd, 2018
Price per license:
rhz-we is a some sort of platform, which cares about handling your data and keeping in safety. For now it's in a draft state, but still - it works in core of the site you are currently reading

This particular instance details:
November 6th, 2018
at 7:32 am
More details about this product will be published later on this site. I will let you know when it will become an open-source project and then when it will grown up to 1.0.0 version with stable API and domain model for a variety of plugins. Stay tuned